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Stuff that you are doing wrong with your dry skin during winters

Winter is exciting apart from the unpleasant chilli winds indoors or outside, that makes your skin rough, red, and itchy. Even though it proves beneficial to turn to a good moisturizer at the first sign of fall, the colder environment and indoor heat may already have left its mark. Thank goodness, there's still time to take a normal routine seriously to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. Organise your home The denser the air is, the drier the skin would be. To tackle this situation, keep your room warm and humid. Install a humidifier in your room to control the amount of water in air. Adjust your humidifier to low or moderate temperature setting to avoid extra dryness in the air. Switch to a healthy diet There’s a direct connection between your gut and immune. Switch to a rich diet that includes walnuts, avocado. Do not overdo on caffeine or alcohol. Drink water! Yes, drinking water is very important. None of was like to drink water in winters because of the frequent trip

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